Picture of 2 Days 1 Night Party Cruise Halong Bay Tour $109.00

2 Days 1 Night Party Cruise Halong Bay Tour

Exploring and enjoying magnificent Halong Bay on our party boat. 2 Hours Kayaking, swimming and boat jumping with a great party at night.

Picture of 3 Days 2 Nights Party Cruise & Freedom Island $159.00

3 Days 2 Nights Party Cruise & Freedom Island

On top of our 2 Day 1 Night itinerary you will spend one day and night at the incredible Freedom Island. Our own private island, Freedom has it all.

Picture of 4 Days 3 Nights Party Cruise & Freedom Island $209.00

4 Days 3 Nights Party Cruise & Freedom Island

The Full Experience, you simply can’t beat this tour. An extension of our 3 Day 2 Night itinerary with an undiscovered area Kayak Tour.

Party Cruise Halong Bay & Freedom Island Tour

We offer an amazing experience combining the beautiful tour of Halong Bay with activities including kayaking, swimming, boat jumping, rock climbing, beach volleyball, beach football and much more with like minded travellers looking to enjoy the top 7 natural wonders of the world.


An awesome party and activity experience which will be without doubt a very special memory of your travels through Vietnam. We truly believe we have something for everyone so if you’re looking for beautiful scenery, adventure, and the chance to make some new friends and lots of fun then our Oasis Bay Party Cruise of Halong Bay is sure to be one of the highlights of your Vietnam trip!



Incomparable scenery, sun, and a one-of-a-kind private island adventure!!

From the guide to my adventurous fellow travelers to the completely unique private island stay, this tour is one of a kind. We had just enough time in Ha Long bay to discover this beautiful natural wonder of the world, make new friends and, of course, party a little bit along the way. A prefect balance of adventure, fun and relaxation. Oasis Bay and their guides really know how to show you the best of this part of the world. I'd definitely return to this cruise for the views, the fun, the volleyball on the private island, and the feeling of experiencing something that no other tour offers. Thanks Oasis Bay!

Dave Fano - Trip Advisor



“It's a must!!!”

Didn’t want this trip to be the highlight of my trip really as it’s such a tourist trap but it’s truly amazing. We had a great tour guide and a wonderful experience. Well planned – with enough free time to do whatever you want that you are never bored. Not directly aimed towards the ‘drinking’ either which suited is perfect. Ended up with a great group as well. The island on the second day is second to none.

Scottdublin - Trip Advisor